Robot Vacuum Cleans Corners | Neato Robotics

Watch as Neato’s automatic vacuum cleans around corners more efficiently than other robot vacuums. Having a robotic floor cleaner saves you precious time! For more information about our robot cleaner, please visit us here:


Introducing the new line of Neato automatic vacuum cleaners. Smart,
powerful, methodical.

The square-front design of the Neato vacuum allows vacuuming close to walls
and in the corners. Its low profile allows cleaning under furniture, beds,
and toe kicks without getting stuck.

By placing boundary markers in a room, the Neato knows exactly where the
keep-out areas are.

When Neato has finished vacuuming, the easy-to-clean dirt bin is a cinch to
empty. Remove the dirt bin, remove the filter door, and empty. Snap the
dirt bin back into the top of the vacuum, and you’re done. It’s that

Plus, Neato’s intuitive user interface allows you to get going right away
with the press of the Start button. You can also schedule daily, weekly,
and user-defined cleaning times with ease.

Your house will be that much healthier and cleaner every day. The Neato
line of vacuums. Smart, powerful, methodical.

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