Xiaomi’s BEST Mopping Robot: Viomi V2 Pro. Review Test

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This is the best mopping robot vacuum cleaner, part of Xiaomi’s ecosystem. Question is – can it achieve the same grade of success as the Roborock series?

Great build quality, and it feels solid right from the start. Weight is around 3,3 kilograms, which is almost as much as the Roborock S5. In fact you will notice a lot of similarities – again – a single side brush, a w-shaped main brush, which is excellent for carpets, and the big country wheels which enable the Viomi to deal with really high obstacles, even up to 2 centimeters, which is absolutely fantastic!
We can notice the many sensors – and of course – there are such to detect nearby objects or stairs.
There’s of course LDC – which scans the cleaning area and helps to create a digital map.
Now, the most intriguing part. You receive the V2 Pro with three different dustbins. The dry Bin is inside the vacuum already, and there are two extra bins, along with the cleaning mop clothes in the accessories assembly.

Let’s mention some technical specifications – 2100pa suction power – one of the strongest suction parameters on the market. However – it has no carpet sensor detector. So you better keep it at the top power mode in order to get more dust out of your carpets.
The battery life per cleaning cycle varies between 80 and 150 minutes depending on the cleaning mode and the surface. That’s a good amount of time, considering the fact it is not a chaotic robot – having maps and laser detection usually makes the cleaning cycle optimal, and reduces the time to clean an area – sometimes drastically! To sum up the hardware specs – not perfect, but very good, not a flagship, but certainly at the top end of the midrangers.
Now, the real-life experience has shown me that sometimes assuming things based on origin and specs of the devices is not a good idea. I assumed that it will be a cheaper and better Roborock. It has a lot in common with the S50, that’s true! But it has really a lot to catch up with about software…
let’s begin with the cleaning performance. It’s excellent. I think it handles edges and furniture like chairs – better than the Roborock. Suction is great! It’s strong and stays constantly strong during the time of cleaning – because it has no carpet sensor. The Roborock S50 boosts the performnancve should it sense a carpet.
But my initial rise test has shown something that I wasn’t expecting. Check out the video for more details…

One of the features I really like is the option in the app to clean an area twice! Firmware updates, scheduling, different sorts of config; there is nothing about the sensors state – a feature that many people like about the Roborock, which we so much compare to.
As mentioned – the strongest side of the vacuum is the ability for wet mopping, and for sucking and mopping at the same time. For around 350 dollars – it is clearly better than the first gen of Roborock, has the best mopping function in class, three bins – one for dust, one for water and one hybrid, integration with the Mi Home app and most of the good functions that we like from the Roborock Series. iRobot Roomba quality at one third of the price!


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