Neato Robotics D7 robot vacuum review

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I’ve had the good fortune through my blog and YouTube channel to test out a variety of vacuum and mopping robots. I feel like over the years of testing and setups, I’ve come to know what makes not just a good vacuum robot, but a great, efficient one.

Neato Robotics
This is my first experience with Neato, but this California company has been around since 2010. The Neato D7 is a remote controlled smart automated vacuum robot with an onboard dustbin. It’s got a D-shape with a square front and rounded back that’s supposed to make it better at getting into corners.

Why get a vacuum robot?
In a word; time. Having a vacuum robot can cut down on your overall cleaning time significantly, and more so if you run the vacuum daily or every couple days. The less time you spend sweeping and vacuuming, the more time you have for other things. There are a host of other reasons too, like sanitary reasons, or keeping pet hair at bay. With today’s smart vacuums, you can schedule them to clean certain rooms on certain days, just your hallways, or just the busiest rooms. You can aslo schedule cleanings when it suits you; while you’re hom making dinner or doing other chores, for example, or while you’re out of the house.

Setting up Neato D7
The robot is quite easy to set up.

Once you’ve got everything unwrapped including the silica packs removed from various crevices in the machine and the base. Plug the base station into the wall, and connect the metal on the rounded end of the robot to the base station.

Next up download the Neato app and it will walk you through how to get the robot vacuum connected to your homes Wi-Fi. Essentially you’ll push and hold the power button on the device for about 10 seconds or until the blue Wi-Fi symbol lights up. From there, you’ll go to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings, and find the new network created labelled Neato.

The app will step you through this, but your next connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network, and the device should do this quickly and easily, as mine did.
I was already to go in less than five minutes.

Features: home mapping

The Neato botvac connected D7 robot has several special features. It has a floor plan or advanced mapping and cleaning system, that learns your home’s layout. You can view and adjust your floorplans, and see where your robot has cleaned at any given time. The robot is said to be able to clean an entire level of your home using what’s called auto charge and resume.

With this, the Neato robot returns to the base station to recharge, then picks up where it left off until the floor is done. You can also add no go lines on the floorplan where the robot will keep away from; that’s great for troublesome rugs or pet dishes.

Neato Robot has a D-shape that;’s supposed to make it get in closer to walls and corners, it’s a shape other robot vacuums have since adopted too.

Where will my Neato robot vacuum clean?

The Neato D7 robot works on all floor types and can easily move between carpet, wood, tile, and laminate floors.

How well does it clean?

The Neato D7 hugs edges really, really well. I found the robot to be very deliberate when it cleaned, and did quite a thorough job, and kept pet hair and dust at bay.

I do feel like the Neato D7 got caught up in things a lot more than some other vacuums I’ve dealt with; things like power bars and bathmats were problematic. While it did seem to be able to extricate itself from some situations like cords, in others it was hopelessly wound up on things or bottomed out. You can remedy this by making places where your D7 tends to get stuck as no go zones in the app using the mapping.

Overall review of Neato D7 robot vacuum
Overall I really liked my Neato D7 experience. The robot is thorough, gets into corners and edges really well. It’s smart and the voice connectivity worked very well.

I’m still working on getting those dustbin full alerts configured better and I do feel like this botvac got caught and stuck a bit more often than I’d like, but I’m working that out by creating off limits areas in my home. And making sure hazards like clothes are picked up.

After a few weeks I was getting annoyed by the constant “help I’m stuck alerts”. This actually impeded the cleaning progress. If I had to be home to supervise it, I feel like that’s missing the point.

I’m really on the fence about this robot; between the subpar dustbin alerts, the frequency of it getting stuck, and the pop-off corner brush, those are big cons, but the great cleaning job it does and the ease of set up and use are pretty big pros.

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